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What Clients Say

Clarity and Conviction to Purse New Market Opportunity

"We were exploring a new business line with the potential to transform not just our company, but our entire market. David and his team helped us understand the market opportunity clearly and in detail. It gave us the clarity and conviction needed to pursue - and invest in - the opportunity. They then helped us build out the new business line, focused on operations, technology, compliance, and people."

-- Josh, Founder & CEO
   Climate Tech Company
   (#1 in its market)


Large Capital Raise and Connected to the Right Sources

"As we were building a new lending platform, we brought in David to help us ready a large capital raise. He transformed our materials, created a very compelling investment opportunity, and connected us to the right capital sources."

-- Adam, CEO
   FinTech Company
   (#2 in its market

Large Capital

Helped Us Make Better Decisions, Faster

"We were a young founding team, scaling fast, and had never done it before. We wanted to bring someone in who had scaled quickly before and help us do the same. David helped us make better decisions, faster - in key dimensions of our business like product prioritization, operational scale, talent management, internal/external comms, and fundraising."

-- Mike, Founder
   FinTech Company
   (#2 in its market)

Helped Make
Shaped Critical
Helped Wit

Shaped Critical Dimensions of the Business

"We wanted to build out a new business line and had an incomplete sense of what it was or could be. David and his team were able to help us shape the critical dimensions of the business line, identify where it fit with our core strengths (and where it didn't), and make clear and actionable how we'd drive new customers from it." 

-- Melissa, C-Level
   Business Services
   (Innovation Consulting)


Helped with Nearly Every Dimension Of the Pitch

"David and team helped us prepare for one of the most important client pitches of the year, in the payments space. He helped us with nearly every dimension of the pitch - from market sizing and key trends to unit economics and branding. Our pitch was significantly stronger because of David and his team."

-- Jon, C-Level
   Business Services


Clarity of Thought
Materially Changed

Clarity of Thought and Ability to get to Heart of Issue Quickly

"David and his firm helped us with a really hard problem we were trying to solve in consumer and B2B payments. His clarity of thought and ability to get to the heart of issues quickly allowed our executive team to clearly see the key considerations of our decision and quickly prioritize it internally from there."    

-- Matt, CEO
   Media & Entertainment 
   (#1 in its market)


Materially Changed the Value of Our Company

"We had the opportunity to sign a large strategic partnership. David and his team came in and helped us identify the critical components of the partnership, land on the right economics, and negotiate the deal to close. The partnership has materially changed the value of our company."

-- Eric, Founder & CEO
   Media & Entertainment 
   (Music Technology)

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